Messi couldn't do it alone, can Sheikh Hasina do it?

Dilip Barua is a lucky politician. Even if he does leftist politics, he moves around power. When the BNP-Jamaat alliance was in power, he visited China as a travel companion of the then Prime Minister Begum Zia. When the Awami League government was formed in 2009, he was given the responsibility of Ministry of Industries. The technocrat served as minister for five years.

After several breakthroughs, Bangladesh has appeared as a rising tiger in South Asia. Breaking the circle of hunger and poverty, leaving all threats behind, this Bangladesh is invincible-irresistible. The frenzy of indomitable energy of millions of people leads the nation to achieve a new identity- 'Solvent Bangladesh' in its golden jubilee of independence, from the stigma of a 'bottomless bucket.' Bangladesh is now an incredible amalgamation of communal harmony with unquestionable success in economy, enterprise, industry, culture, education, and health.

Five police men have been suspended in the incident of snatching two militants from the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court premises on Sunday. The police officers were suspended by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on Monday, confirmed Deputy Commisioner of DMP's media wing Faruk Hossain during a press briefing in the capital.



    Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passes away at the age of 24

    24-year-old actress Aindrila Sharma passed away on Sunday (20 November). The actress suffered multiple cardiac arrests earlier last night and she was given CPR. Although the critical condition was managed, the actress breathed her last at 12.59pm, according to the hospital sources. Later, she suffered yet another massive heart attack. But this time, she didn’t respond to the CPR support.

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    Myanmar must get 'democratic transition back on track immediately': UN chief

    UN chief Antonio Guterres on Saturday urged the Myanmar junta to "immediately" restart democracy, saying it was the only way to stop the "unending nightmare" engulfing the country.


    Turkey launches airstrikes over northern Syria

    Turkey launched airstrikes over several towns in northern Syria on Saturday, U.S.-backed Kurdish-led forces reported. The airstrikes occurred a week after a bomb rocked a bustling avenue in the heart of Istanbul, killing six people and wounding over 80 others. Turkish authorities blamed the attack on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, as well as Syrian Kurdish groups affiliated with it. The Kurdish militant groups have, however, denied involvement.

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