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Bloomberg predicts Sheikh Hasina winning a straight fourth term

Publish: 10:00 AM, 29 Mar, 2023


In a latest article on loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Bloomberg said, “Government leaders across the world have often balked at implementing reforms agreed with the International Monetary Fund for fear of being penalized at the ballot box. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina isn’t one of them.

“Her quick execution of IMF mandates have stood out in South Asia where Pakistan is still fiddling with fuel subsidies just as it inches closer to reviving a bailout. Sri Lanka has delayed local municipal polls as it raised taxes and interest rates to clinch IMF funds last week.

“Bangladesh, which in July became the last of the three countries to ask for IMF support, was the first to get loans approved after swiftly raising energy prices. Hasina, 75, made no apologies for the move”.

Commenting on the next general election in Bangladesh, Bloomberg said: “[Sheikh] Hasina is widely expected to win a fourth straight term in national polls expected by January 2024 — not least because many of her opponents are behind bars or ensnared in legal cases”.

While main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and opposition in the parliament Jatiya Party are talking about Bangladeshis becoming increasingly annoyed at the ruling Awami League, Michael Kugelman, director of the Wilson Center’s South Asia Institute told Bloomberg: “If the ruling party manages to maintain economic stability, that could preempt anger or public sentiment that works against the government. Hasina certainly has the credibility to pull this off”.

Still there is conspiracy against Sheikh Hasina and her government both inside and outside the country, where in some cases, the Biden administration, as well as the US ambassador in Dhaka, are seen talking in such a tone that certainly go against the sovereignty of any country. In the recent days, Americans are repeating talking about free and fair election in Bangladesh. Of course, we also want free and fair election in our country. But we need to remind members of Biden administration that in their own country free and fair election is already under serious controversy, where 2020 presidential election is alleged to be rigged. Whenever American ambassador in Dhaka speaks about human rights, freedom of expression or corruption, he should be reminded, his president and members of the Biden family are facing series of allegations of crimes and corruption, while US government has already been caught red-handed by Twitter owner Elon Musk proving how federal agencies had nakedly intervened into public opinion and suppressed information related to corruption and crimes of Hunter Biden and other members of Biden family – simply with the nefarious agenda of helping Biden in winning 2020 election.

Back to titled topic. According to Bloomberg, Sheikh Hasina is banking on her government’s move to go to the IMF to show to markets and voters that she has prevented the US$460 billion Bangladeshi economy from going the way Sri Lanka has with a default. Pakistan is also facing the prospect of a default. Bangladesh went to the IMF as it grappled with an energy crisis with commodity prices soaring last year due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, while the rising costs of imports widened the trade deficit. The local currency depreciated by a fifth and reserves fell to the lowest in three years.

It may be mentioned here that, following economic catastrophe in Sri Lanka, almost all the opposition political parties in Bangladesh – including Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jatiya Party were repeatedly forecasting a similar fate for Bangladesh “within weeks”. But that has never happened – because of effective decision and efforts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But it is important to note, while Bangladesh has witnessed annual economic growth of more than 6 percent for the past 14 years this may face some obstacles in the coming years mostly because of Ukraine war and sanctions imposed on Russia. At this stage, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina needs to focus on cutting-off subsidies from most of the sectors immediately. Bangladesh government needs to issue red warning to Bangladesh Biman, Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and all those entities which have been incurring heavy financial loss for years. At the same time, massive subsidies to private power generation projects, including so-called ‘Quick Rental Power’ projects should be stopped and the government needs to find alternative ways – for example establish coal-based power plant in Boro Pukuria, establish at least two more nuclear power stations and put emphasis on solar power especially in the rural areas.

Most importantly – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina needs to declare war against corruption and take stern action against those who are already accused of smuggling-out hundreds of millions of dollars from Bangladesh to various countries. For Sheikh Hasina, an all-out battle against corruption and massive action against corrupt individuals – as we had witnessed immediately after military-backed interim government came to power in January 2007 – is extremely essential and it should take place forthwith.


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Quader suggests BNP make preparations for next election instead of next movement

Publish: 04:24 PM, 16 Feb, 2024


Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Friday advised BNP to prepare for the next general election instead of thinking about the next movement.

He made the suggestion at a joint meeting of the party held at the Awami League central office in the capital this morning.

Regarding BNP's movement until victory, Quader said Mirza Fakhrul has become overwhelmed with daydreams after getting out of jail.

At the time, the AL leader stated that, “BNP should recognise that the issue of issue-based movement in the country cannot be found while the people's administration is in power.”

In his introductory speech at the joint meeting, Quader said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu, has brought great honour to the country by participating in the Security Conference in Germany. Today, the democratic world has unhesitatingly accepted the importance of Bangladesh.”

"The geopolitical position of Bangladesh is fertile ground for many of our enemies. Many falcons have eyes on the Bay of Bengal and St. Martin. However, Sheikh Hasina's government has led to the success of balanced diplomacy", he added.

At this time, Quader said that the party president instructed the divisional in-charge to resolve the internal disputes of the party, including the formation of the expired committee.

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2024 election was the fairest since 1975: PM

Publish: 10:45 AM, 08 Feb, 2024


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said this year's January 7 polls were the freest, fairest and most credible in Bangladesh after 1975.

"I think the election that was held in Bangladesh on January 7 this year was the freest, fairest and most neutral since 1975," she told a view exchange meeting with Tungipara Awami League leaders and activists at her official Ganabhaban residence.

Sheikh Hasina said the BNP-Jamaat wanted to foil the January 7 polls by doing various misdeeds. But the most important thing of the election is that the people spontaneously went to the polling stations and cast their vote, she said.

Mentioning that the journey ahead is not so easy, the Prime Minister said "Many obstacles have to be overcome. Many conspiracies surround this Bangladesh."

The people of Bangladesh have become financially secure today, she said, adding, people of Bangladesh are getting food today and are receiving treatment easily.

She went on saying, over 30 types of medicines are given free of charge through community clinics and today there is no need to bring old clothes from abroad.

Sheikh Hasina said that they have arranged rice and clothes as well as ensured medical treatment and education for the country's people. "In this way we are working for the welfare of people."

Regarding the commodity prices, she said that global food prices have increased, and that is why the government has to pay a huge amount of money to buy fertilisers, seeds, wheat, fuel oil, edible oil and gas.

"We have to buy many things from abroad. As the price of everything has gone up, the cost of transportation has gone up because of the Ukraine-Russia war," she added.

The head of government noted that there is a little difficulty for those who have a fixed income, saying "if we all cultivate the uncultivated lands, then there will be no shortage of this food. Moreover, we can make more surplus, we can also give to the people."

Laying emphasis on brining uncultivated land under cultivation, she said "wherever there is fallow land, we should bring it under cultivation. We will do whatever we can to help. At the same time, we will make arrangement for marketing through cooperatives."

 Sheikh Hasina said, "We have a plan to store food grains in every district; When there is a surplus. We have already made arrangements to this end."

She urged everyone to be frugal in the use of electricity and water.

Addressing the chairmen and members of Union Parishads, the Prime Minister said that the government gives many projects and works, and those should be implemented properly.

"People should not be ticked off (seeing the bad work), rather they can bring confidence by seeing the work, and this trust is most needed," she added.


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PM for patience regarding war-like situation in Myanmar: Law Minister

Publish: 10:01 AM, 06 Feb, 2024


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the armed forces and paramilitary border guards of Bangladesh to have patience regarding the recent war-like situation in Myanmar between their government forces and insurgents.

Law Minister Anisul Huq, in absence of Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, on Monday said this while responding to a supplementary question from Opposition Chief Whip Mujibul Huq Chunnu in the parliament.

“Bangladesh is observing the situation closely and steps will be taken,” he said.

He said that today (Monday) some 78 Myanmar Border Police members entered Bangladesh, some of them with injuries.

He mentioned that these personnel have been kept in a school there and the injured persons were given treatment.

The law minister said that Instructions have been given to initiate dialogue with Myanmar through foreign ministry and send them back.

“If they are not able to send them back the next course will be taken,” he said.

The minister said that government is aware of this matter in Myanmar and steps have been taken to close down schools in areas close to Myanmar frontier.

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BCCT will give top priority to research in its funding: Saber

Publish: 10:55 AM, 04 Feb, 2024


Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury today said Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, will give top priority to research in its funding.

 He said research needs to be increased in the country to solve various problems, and it is not possible to depend on research from other countries.

 For this reason, he said, all-out assistance will be provided to researchers and scientists for their research work in the development of science and technology.

The environment minister made the remarks while speaking as the chief guest at a programme organised by the Bangladesh Foundation for Development Research (BFDR) of the University of Skill Enrichment and Technology (USET) at the National Press Club in the capital.

The function was arranged to felicitate Dr. Mohammad Mazharul Islam, a senior researcher in the Department of Chemistry at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, for receiving the prestigious 'IChemE Global Award 2023' in Chemistry.

Saber Hossain said Dr. Mohammad Mazharul Islam's achievement is a testament to the growing interest of the global community in the contributions of Bangladeshi scientists to the field of knowledge and science.

He said Dr. Mazharul Islam's research work will not only enrich the knowledge of chemistry but also play an important role in the development of our country.

The minister also called upon everyone to work together to improve the environment of the country.

Chaired by Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Patron of the University of Skill Enrichment and Technology, the meeting was also addressed by Professor Dr. Md. Fazlul Haque, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of USET; Dr. M. Asaduzzaman, former Research Director and Economist of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)n and columnist Dr. Monayem Sarkar, among others.


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BNP-Jamaat patronizing militants: Anisul

Publish: 10:20 AM, 04 Feb, 2024


Urging the countrymen to remain alert, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq today said BNP-Jamaat are patronizing militant organizations.

Everyone should remain cautious against the militant groups as BNP and Jamaat are patronizing the outfits till now, he said replying to a query of reporters after inaugurating PC Guarder Bridge on Akhaura Boro Bazar Dharkhar Road in Akhaura upazila of the district.

About the upcoming upazila election, the law minister said the Awami League (AL) president and policy makers will take decision in this regard.

AL Akhaura upazila unit president Mohammad Ali Chowdhury and general secretary and municipality mayor Takzil Khalifa Kazal, among others, were present.

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) constructed the 96.10 meter long bridge worth about Taka 5.77 crore.


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