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Chanchal Chowdhury signs as the Brand Ambassador for Bashundhara Tissue

Publish: 05:38 AM, 02 Mar, 2023


Chanchal Chowdhury signs as the Brand Ambassador for Bashundhara Tissue

Renowned actor Chanchal Chowdhury has become the brand ambassador of Bashundhara Tissue. An agreement was signed on the 2nd of March 2023 at the Sunflower Restaurant in Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka. 

Mustafizur Rahman, Deputy Managing Director of Bashundhara Group signed the agreement paper with Chanchal Chowdhury. Senior officials of Bashundhara Group including Major Mohsinul Karim (Retd.), In charge, Bashundhara Special Children Foundation, Head of Marketing Mohammad Alauddin, Mohammad Towfique Hasan - HOD, Marketing & Business Development, Quazi Imdadul Haque, General Manager, Sales (Tissue & Hygiene), Imranul Kabir, Marketing Manager along with representatives of their communication agency, Mpower were present at the event.

Chanchal Chowdhury is a talented and distinguished actor of Bangladesh, who is currently working in the international arena as well. This agreement was signed for one year to be involved in the activities of Bashundhara Tissue as the brand ambassador. He will be directly involved in several of the brand's ongoing campaigns against impure perceptions and harmful practices.

Commenting on this agreement, Mustafizur Rahman said, “We are very hopeful that the Bashundhara Tissue brand’s association with this beloved actor will help us continue to convey positive messages to our consumers, including people all over the country. Our goal is to remove all the impurities and indecency from society. One of our main social responsibilities is working for the development of children with autism. Many people fail to act normally with autistic children and their parents, due to negative perception of autism.”

“Bashundhara Tissue has been donating BDT 1 from the sale of every pack of Bashundhara tissue to Bashundhara Special Children Foundation for the development of autistic children for 20 years now. So, in addition to providing necessary education and training to the children to make their lives a little easier, we are now working to make mass people more aware of this issue. A noble personality like Chanchal Chowdhury will add immense value to our cause.”— he also added.


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Popular Bangladeshi Singer Nasheed Artist Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat

Publish: 07:40 PM, 14 Mar, 2023


Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat is a Nasheed artist. He has won the hearts of the audience by singing several songs including his own written and composed songs.

His born in Amtali upazila of Barguna district of Barisal division of Bangladesh. The Young Nasheed artist is currently working on Islamic culture.

From his childhood, Nasheed used to impress the audience by singing in various Islamic programs. He sang Islamic music on the stage of various Islamic ceremonies. The audience enjoyed the Islamic music sung by him, Hamd and Naat.

Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat's childhood dream was to become a world-class nasheed artist and he is moving forward with that goal in mind.

Artist Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat has come a long way in his own endeavors, albeit not through the music world.

Although he was immersed in study for 6 years, he did not forget music.

Parents and teachers used to say to do well in studies So he was more focused on his studies. In between his studies, he practiced music and occasionally tried to write songs and poems.

After Hifzul Quran, he turned his full attention to music

He started his career in Islamic music in 2016 with the release of his solo album "Hey Rasool Dekha Dao Amay". He has since released six more solo albums. In 2019, his first music video was released in "Provur Preme".

Later, 'Salliala', 'O Nabiji', 'Shukriya', 'Simahin Valobasha, 'Taqwa Hasile Ramadan', Netar Bhuri, Allah Meherban, Dur Kare Dao Karona Ghazab, Subhanallah, Premer Gan, Jannati Noor, Chiro Biday, Muhammad Rasool 'Premer Gaan', ' Kabar Preme' has brightened his music career by singing innumerable Nasheeds including.  Which are still ingrained in the minds of Islamic music lovers.

As well as YouTube, its publishers include Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music,

Released on SoundCloud and other international music platforms.

The songs he has written and composed so far are: Nure Mujassam, Nure Medina, Prabhu Rahman, O Madinawala, Nishi Raater Oi Tara Mela, etc.

He is simultaneously an artist, lyricist, composer and a writer. He has several books of poetry.

He has received many awards for writing Islamic music and poetry.

In addition to this, every year during the month of Ramadan, Ekushey Tv,BTV, DiptoTV, Banglavision, Channel Nine,

He performed Islamic music on BoishakhiTV, Bangladesh Betar, Krishi Radio FM 96.8.

Asked about the purpose of working with music, vocalist Abdullah Al Muazz (Rifat) said, "As a child, the then director of the Zulfikar group of Sarsina Darbar, popular vocalist Mufti Abdul Munim Khan, "Dekhe low rasullah,"

"Jibon Deye Valobashi Nabi Tomake", "He Rasul Tomay Valobashi". I listened to the ghazals and tried to sing in the same voice as him, and I always followed him.

After that, My father used to say that if you complete Hifzul Quran first, then you will have a lot of time to make music.

After listening to my father's words, I concentrated on my studies and completed my studies in just two years.

I never got any help to sing in the beginning, on the contrary, many people used to intrigue my family in various ways so that I could not work in this yard, but I did not give up.

I am working with a stubbornness inside myself, then many loved ones have given me inspiration and advice from behind at different times. But my mother always encouraged me to sing from the beginning. I have been able to come this far because of my mother.

I don't sing music to go viral, I only sing Islamic music to please Allah and His Messenger.

I think Islamic music works as a part of the Islamic Cultural Revolution. People see arrogance in the name of entertainment. Fall in love with dirty culture. I am hopeful that in the coming days the Muslim Ummah will abandon pornographic songs and embrace our healthy beautiful and halal entertainment. I have many dreams about Islamic music. This is my expectation for every human being to spread Islamic culture.

Islamic music is now widespread - what if one wants to take it as a profession? I have to practice music in addition to my main job - I asked this question to Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat.

Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat said there was no such huge industry of Islamic music before, so artists used to do Islamic music in addition to their main profession. However, the artist should have more experience with singing as well as other technical experiences related to Islamic music.

Abdullah Al Muazz Rifat is now a well-known name in the Islamic cultural arena. In addition to her studies in the cultural field, she is working with several social voluntary organizations. The artist has a personal channel on YouTube and regularly releases Nasheed on the channel.

He is currently working on Islamic music for the welfare of the country. He is a supplicant to all.


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3 feet tall 23 year old actor Dipu!

Publish: 02:15 PM, 01 Mar, 2023


Although he is two feet tall and looks like a child, Rithan Ahmed Dipu is 23 years old and an actor by profession. His various short films and programs have millions of views on YouTube. Almost every video of him goes viral. After seeing his performance on YouTube, famous for movie lord Monowar Hossain Dipjol gave him a chance to act in films.

So far, Dipu has been given a chance in three movies. The movies are, Jemon jamai temon bou, Ghor vanga shonshar and Jimmi. The movies will be released this year.

Dipu said, in the beginning, I used to make acting and dancing videos myself and post them on my Facebook page. From there it would spread on YouTube and go viral. Encouraged by this, I started making videos one after another. I acted in almost two hundred dramas on YouTube. After seeing these, Dipjol uncle called me and gave me a chance in the cinema. I got a chance in three movies. I will act in a few more movies in the future.

Dipu said that he does not have his own YouTube channel. He uploads the blogs and videos he makes on his Facebook page 'Choto Dipu'.


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Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma passes away at the age of 24

Publish: 04:12 PM, 20 Nov, 2022


24-year-old actress Aindrila Sharma passed away on Sunday (20 November). The actress suffered multiple cardiac arrests earlier last night and she was given CPR. Although the critical condition was managed, the actress breathed her last at 12.59pm, according to the hospital sources. Later, she suffered yet another massive heart attack. But this time, she didn’t respond to the CPR support. The actress was kept on ventilator support at a private hospital in Howrah but her condition and was in a critical support.

She was a cancer survivor who defeated the disease twice. She was recently declared cancer-free by the doctors and made her acting comeback too.

The actress was hospitalised on November 1 after suffering a massive brain stroke. Aindrila was shifted to OT immediately and underwent left frontotemporoparietal decompressive craniotomy with evacuation of acute subdural bleed.

Aindrila is a familiar face to Bengali audience. After stepping into showbiz with TV show ‘Jhumur’, she did a number of popular daily soaps including ‘Jiyon Kathi’, ‘Jibon Jyoti’ and others. She forayed into digital medium too and did web series ‘Bhagar’ recently which also starred beau Sabyasachi. Following that her condition was critical. Tollywood and numerous fans across the state have been continuously praying for actress Aindrila Sharma’s recovery. Prayers started pouring in for the 24-year-old actress who had put a tough fight in the hospital against all odds.

Aindrila Sharma   Bengali actress   Passes away  


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PM condoles death of actor Masum Aziz

Publish: 06:12 PM, 17 Oct, 2022


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday expressed deep shock and sorrow at the death of Ekushey Padak winning actor and screenplay writer Masum Aziz.

In a condolence message, the prime minister said the talented actor will be remembered for his work.

She prayed for the eternal salvation of the departed soul and expressed sympathy to the bereaved family.

Masum Aziz died on Monday afternoon at a private hospital in the capital where he was under treatment for heart-related ailment.

He was admitted to the hospital with cardiac problem on October 3 and was put on life support as his condition deteriorated on Thursday morning.

His body will be taken to the Central Shaheed Minar on Tuesday morning for the public to pay tributes.

His body will later be taken to his ancestral home in Pabna where he will be buried at his family graveyard.

The actor was awarded the country's second highest civilian award, the Ekushey Padak, this year for his remarkable contribution in acting. - UNB


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Tom Cruise to become first actor to film in outer space

Publish: 11:18 AM, 11 Oct, 2022


Actor Tom Cruise, who is renowned for pulling off high-octane stunts in his projects, is taking things to the next level and may soon become the first actor to shoot in space. The Top Gun actor has reportedly partnered with director Doug Liman on a project that calls for him to perform a spacewalk. The Hollywood actor and director have reportedly approached the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) with a proposal for Tom to launch himself up to the International Space Station.

Conversations about Cruise’s desire to film in space were put on hold during the COVID pandemic, but have recently resurfaced. Dame Donna Langley, chairwoman of Universal Studios, confirmed to the BBC that sending Mr Cruise to space is one of the studio’s missions. She revealed the project’s details, saying that Mr Cruise and Mr Liman, who previously collaborated with the actor on the Edge of Tomorrow, pitched the film during the pandemic. Ms Langley reveals that the movie takes place on Earth, and then the character must travel to space to save the day.

Ms Langley went on to say that Tom Cruise is going to take the world to space with his upcoming film. She added that they are working on a fantastic project with Tom that did take into account him taking a rocket to the Space Station and shooting. The filmmaker said that she was hoping he would be the first person from the general public to do a space walk outside of the International Space Station. Langley also described Tom Cruise’s character in the movie. She said that he is a down-on-his-luck person who finds himself in a position where he is the only one who can save Earth.

The movie is currently in the conceptual stage and hasn’t started shooting yet. Tom Cruise would be the first movie celebrity to film on the International Space Station if the film is successful, as was previously announced.

Only a few weeks earlier, previously unreleased footage from Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun: Maverick went viral and fans praised his incredible stunt work. In the video, Cruise is seen standing on the biplane while holding only a rig and speaking into the camera.

On the work front, the actor was recently seen in the much-acclaimed film Top Gun: Maverick. The movie has been garnering rave reviews from fans and viewers. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller in lead roles. The actor will also be seen in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning - Part One and Two.

Tm Cruse   Outer Space   Shooting