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Is Politics Heating Up as National Elections Approach?


Over the past two years, political parties have been managing virtual political activities instead of marching on the streets. Despite the halt in field politics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all major political parties are now back in action, gearing up for the upcoming twelfth national elections, bringing their campaigns to the forefront of the internet.

Especially, the two major parties, Awami League and BNP, have revved up their political activities. Starting from the formation of the Election Commission, they are now positioning themselves for another term in power. Awami League, in particular, has begun mobilizing its base, focusing on the upcoming national elections.

In 2023, Awami League is taking the upcoming national elections very seriously, with no alternative but to maintain its power for the fourth consecutive time. The party is already taking various steps to ensure this, especially by opposing rebel candidates vigorously in union council elections. The party's high command has made it clear that they won't tolerate any disunity or factions within the party, and those who go against the party's interests or field rebel candidates will face severe consequences.

On the other hand, the BNP has been busy organizing gatherings and meetings across the country, rallying for the release of Khaleda Zia and her medical treatment abroad. While their politics used to be confined to the National Press Club's seminar rooms, the streets in front of the Press Club, and the offices in New Paltan, this time, the BNP's political activities are expanding to different districts and upazilas. However, despite their efforts, BNP supporters have not shown much interest in their initiatives.

Awami League aims to express its presence even without Awami League's chairperson, Sheikh Hasina, taking an active role. They are making various moves to assert their influence in the political landscape. Nurul Haque Nur, a former VP of DUCSU and a key figure in the 2018 quota reform movement, has recently announced his affiliation with the party, creating a buzz. Additionally, former Finance A M S Minister Kibria's son Reza Kibria, who has shown more interest in academics than politics, is now actively involved in the political field. He has joined forces with Dr. Kamal Hossain and is working closely with the youth. The BNP and its allies have also announced various programs and campaigns. However, the extent of their influence in the political arena remains to be seen until the national elections.

Political analysts suggest that the election season has begun, and each party will try to gather strength and assert its power. They will endeavor to make their presence known on the streets and demonstrate their capabilities. Opposition parties, in particular, will seek to generate excitement on the streets. This effort could potentially lead to unrest, so law enforcement agencies must remain vigilant to prevent any form of violence.

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BNP is the first ‘king’s party’ of the country: Hasan

Publish: 02:22 PM, 08 Dec, 2023


Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud today said BNP is the first ‘king’s party’ of the country founded by Ziaur Rahman.

“Ziaur Rahman after usurping to power formed BNP through distributing leftover of power,” he said while replying to a query of reporters at his office at secretariat here.

About the recent role of civil society and intellectuals, Dr Hasan said, “We saw different statements of intellectuals with importance. But unfortunately they are silent when the arson attacks are carrying out on public transports and public properties. Many people became victims of the arson attacks.”

He said those subversive activities will be stopped when the conscious people, journalists and civil society would raise their voice against them. But it is regrettably true that the so-called civil society didn’t make any statement against the violence of BNP-Jamaat, he added.

Dr Hasan said, “I think that the so-called civil society who makes statements time to time should be identified as opportunists. I would like to urge the journalists to identify them and unmask them.”

Criticising a comment of BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, the minister said most of the BNP leaders from top to bottom are leaving the party. “I’ve a question to BNP leaders that why they do the politics of BNP? The top leader of the party is not allowed anyone to participate any election whatever it is at union, upazila or national level.”

Being annoyed with BNP’s subversive politics many leaders and workers would leave the party, Hasan Mahmud said hoping that BNP would refrain from such evil politics.

Replying to another query over poll, Dr Hasan said it is not mentioned in the constitution that an election would not be acceptable if a particular political party does not take part in the election. 

Many elections were held in Bangladesh in the past where many political parties remained absent, he said, adding even a political party led by a big leader didn’t take part in 1970’s election.

The information minister said BNP and other political parties didn’t take part in city corporation polls. But, the countrymen took part in those polls, he said.


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